About The App

Th 21 Tactics Game uniquely identifies and categorises the tactics of soccer. By doing so we can all coach, play and watch more effectively.

The 21 Tactics Game is divided into three sections. The sections concentrate on key defensive tactics, building play to counter defensive tactics and the delivery of the ball into the area to create goal scoring opportunities. 

Delivery tactics are based on the probability of scoring a goal. Watch any highlights game and you can categorise goals using this system. Like any system there are overlaps and it is not perfect. However, it does mean, for the first time we can better understand how to attack and defend.

  1. 1 Set Plays (40%) - This includes a corner, throw, free kick or penalty no matter if it's also a cross or  skill was used to win the free kick.
  2. 2 Cross (30%) - A ball delivered into the area from wide
  3. 3 The Danger Zone (8%) - The ever changing space between the defence and the goal keeper.
  4. 4The Thread Zone (10%) - The ball is 'threaded' through to an attacker in the penalty area, or, an attacker who, with their first touch, takes the ball in to the penalty area.
  5. 5Skill (5%) - Beating a player at any point in the build up OR deception – letting the ball run through to a player.
  6. 6Long Shote (5%) - Shots from outside the penalty area.
  7. 7Mistakes (2%) - An error from a defender or the goal keeper.

Each tactics has its own real game scenario. Players are presented with a Problem that they must solve by repositioning players on the screen. For each problem there is a preferred Solution and then a Practice to develop the tactic and further their knowledge.