Who We Are

 Meet the people behind soccer tactics

Phil Wymer // Co Founder


My name is Phil Wymer and I am a father, teacher, and qualified soccer coach.

My most important job is therefore ensuring that the players and parents of my sons under 13 team enjoy the game! To do this I have based all my coaching on research (Ryan and Deci) about how to make the game enjoyable!

I have coached in the USA for 10 years, worked with Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Manchester City as well as written 3 coaching manuals.

As a player I had always enjoyed playing football but realised when I was too old to play and started coaching that my playing experience was of limited value! There were three reasons for this.

  1. 1I, like most players, played instinctively - I might have done the right thing but I could not  explain/coach this.
  2. 2The skills required for coaching are different from those required to play.
  3. 3My playing experience was in an era where ‘Long Ball Percentage’ football totally dominated the  game and as such my experience was of limited value if I wanted my son and others to really enjoy  the game and develop!

It was whilst working as a coach in the USA that I realised how little I really knew about the tactics of the game. I was watching a children’s game and the coach asked me what was wrong with the way his team were playing?

The players were all trying! They had good technique! I had my coaching badges, I had played for years, but realised I had no idea where to start to answer this question. What were the key tactics to look for? Without understanding these tactics how could I analyse the position of the team or the decisions of players and work out what a team or a player was doing wrong?

I started asking other coaches, reading and looking for resources to help but soon realised that there was very little if anything to help me understand.

So I started analysing games and eventually came up with a totally original way of categorising the key tactics and six years ago produced the coaching manual ‘Coaching Soccer Tactics’. Two other books have followed and a short, simple tactics course.

This year, 2013, I started work with three others on the App ‘Soccer the 21 Tactics game’. This for the first time identifies the 21 key tactics and explains how to coach these tactics. It also makes learning fun as it’s a game where you have to really think.

I believe that the biggest problem with Soccer in the Uk and elsewhere is the lack of a clear belief in a style of play that promotes, attractive football, develops players and is more enjoyable to watch and play. The majority of teams still play Long Ball Percentage football!

I believe in the style of the Passing Game, which both develops players and is attractive and entertaining to watch.

This style is however, much harder to coach the Long Ball Percentage football and especially with young players will mean results need to be put behind development!!

So I hope you will find the App and other resources useful and we welcome any feedback- positive or negative. Buy the App, send us suggestions or an idea for another scenario and we’ll send you a FREE pdf/e-book- SOCCER- Coaching the Small Sided Game.  


Ben Purkiss // Co Founder


I am a professional footballer with a wide range of experience currently playing for Walsall in League 1. I completed a scholarship at Sheffield Untied Football Club before going to University to study Law.

Whilst at university I experienced playing in the UniBond Premier Division and the Conference North with Gainsborough Trinity Football Club. On completion of my degree I moved to York City in the Football Conference before moving to Oxford United in League 2.I then represented Hereford United in League 2 and then Walsall in League 1.

I have also represented England at Futsal, played football for the Great British University Team at two World Student Games and was called up to the England C squad whilst at York City.