Coaching Soccer Tactics Course- delivered by Phil Wymer

The Coaching Soccer Tactics Course has been delivered all over the UK as well as in Dublin, Ireland. It has been delivered as part of continuing professional development programme by the local FA.
The Course is a short course that outlines all the key tactics of the game and explains how to coach them to players.
It is therefore ideal for all levels of coaching.
The Course lasts for between 3 and 4 hours course and is ideal for a Sunday evening 18.00-21.00 to fit in with family and work. 
The Course is flexible and will be tailored to meet your individual needs
Up to 20 people can take the course.
Its practical and hands on- you are active
Excellent testimonials are available. 

It can include a section to cover running your own Summer Camps- a great way to develop your coaches/players and earn some money for the club

COST only £500 (plus transport/petrol from Sheffield)
This includes 10 Coaching Soccer Tactics Manuals (worth £200)